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What Is the Difference Between Tamper-Evident and Tamper-Resistant Packaging?

All industries can benefit from protecting their valuables during transit. Tamper-evident and tamper-resistant security bags ensure the safe and secure transportation of money or other valuables. But what's the difference between tamper-evident and tamper-resistant? And which should you choose for your company's unique applications? Learn more from the experts at Connover Packaging.

 What Is a Tamper-Evident Bag?

A tamper-evident bag does what its name promises by showing clear evidence that it has been tampered with. Once properly sealed, tamper-evident security bags showcase "VOID" or "STOP" graphics when reopened. The end-user will immediately know if the bag has been compromised if they see "STOP" messaging when they open it.

Some other tamper-evident packaging examples include:

  • Press and fracturing seal tape closures.
  • Temperature-sensitive seals.
  • Pouch-sealed sides with tampering indicators.
  • Tear- and water-resistant, durable bag materials.
  • Unique serial numbers on the bag and removable receipts.
  • Tamper-evident closures.
  • Features that make resealing the bag impossible. 

What Is the Definition of a Tamper-Resistant Package?

A tamper-resistant security bag makes tampering or accessing materials difficult or time-consuming. Much like tamper-evident bags, they usually incorporate all the same features noted above except for the closure. Tamper-resistant packaging often has a permanent tape closure which seals the bag and would require destruction of the bag to enter.

 Tamper-Evident vs. Tamper-Resistant Security Bags

Understanding what the difference is between tamper-proof and tamper-resistant packaging is important when deciding which option to use for your applications. Both tamper-evident and tamper-resistant security bags assist in safely and securely delivering valuables, but the product you choose depends on your specific purpose.

Tamper-evident bags are excellent for transporting valuable documents, evidence, checks or anything that may require proof of tampering should the contents be compromised during an external transit. On the other hand, tamper-resistant bags are ideal for moving and storing money internally within a bank, casino or other institution — or when multiple employees will be handling the contents of the bag and enhanced quality control is necessary. 

The Pros and Cons of Tamper-Evident and Tamper-Resistant Security Bags

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Our tamper-evident and tamper-resistant security bags offer the combined advantages of protecting employees, enhancing security and maintaining quality control. We combine many of the features of tamper-evident and tamper-resistant bags to create the most robust and durable security bags for several industries and applications.

A potential con of these bags is that they may be difficult for consumers to open, but we design our products to be customer-friendly.

Choose Robust, Secure Security Bags From Connover Packaging

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