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    Patient Valuable Bags

    Patient Valuable Bags

    Patients entering the hospital or undergoing testing have a lot on their minds — the last thing they need is to worry about their belongings. And lost articles could pose legal or liability issues for a healthcare facility. 

    Patient belonging bags from Connover Packaging can provide a reliable, cost-effective solution. We offer high-quality, tamper-evident plastic bags that patients can use to store their wallets, car keys, credit cards, jewelry and other valuables. Using our products will give your patients peace of mind thanks to knowing that their valuables are safe and secure during medical treatments or extended hospital stays.

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    About Our Hospital Patient Belonging Bags

    We can work with you to design and develop custom bags to your specifications to meet the unique needs of your healthcare environment. We can manufacture bags in an assortment of sizes to accommodate small and larger objects. Tamper-evident seals make it easy to determine if someone attempts to open the bag. The writable space simplifies the owner and content identification process. Other security features include adhesive closures, sequential numbering and tear-off receipts. 

    What Are the Benefits of Using Patient Valuable Bags in Your Facility?

    Our custom bags can offer numerous advantages for patients and healthcare organizations:

    • Promotes trust: These bags help to alleviate the concerns of anxious patients, enabling them to focus on their treatment or procedure. They also encourage confidence in your facility and the professionals who are providing medical care.
    • Establishes chain of custody: Our bags help implement a documentation trail during the handling process, which can identify where and when an issue occurs. This benefit also protects facilities from legal liability.
    • Improves staff focus: Using our bags enables your staff members to devote more of their attention to essential activities — like caring for your patients and ensuring their comfort and well-being.

    Why Choose Us for Hospital Patient Belonging Bags?

    Connover Packaging has more than 30 years of experience designing, manufacturing and distributing custom packaging solutions for healthcare and a host of other industries. Unlike our larger, less agile competitors, we take a partnership approach with every customer, regardless of a project’s size, scope or complexity. We also make delivering superior service a top priority. We can create products that meet your specifications and keep you abreast of the progress from start to finish.

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    Our Bulk Solutions Help You Save Money

    Have you found that other patient belonging bag providers require you to meet exceedingly high minimum order requirements? If 50,000 to 200,000 units are too much for your facility, we can offer a more inventory-friendly alternative. Purchase as few as 5,000 bags from Connover Packaging, and you can still take advantage of our competitive wholesale pricing. And you won’t have to worry about where to store all the extra items.

    Explore Your Patient Valuable Bag Options

    The Connover Packaging team is ready to answer all your questions and discuss your custom bag requirements. Get started now by calling us at 1.800.770.4906. To request a free quote online, complete and submit our contact form today.

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