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We design, manufacture, and distribute a wide array of Tamper-Evident Cash Deposit, Evidence, Casino, and other bags for financial institutions, retailers, churches, restaurants, law enforcement, payroll firms and more.  

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    Custom Plastic Bags

    Custom Plastic Shopping Bags

    Today’s retail world is highly competitive. Stores must take advantage of every available tool and resource to reach customers and keep them coming back. Something as simple as the bags you provide for your customers can have a meaningful impact and bolster your marketing efforts. 

    Connover Packaging is your headquarters for high-quality custom plastic shopping bags that will meet your functional requirements and offer significant visual appeal for your customers. As a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of custom packaging products, we can create an effective solution for your business using our more than a century of combined experience. Besides retail/grocery, we serve companies in industries ranging from healthcare and law enforcement to hospitality, finance, food packaging, and many others.

    Plastic Shopping Bags for Every Retail Environment

    Connover can custom-design shopping bags for a wide range of retail establishments, including grocery stores, boutiques, mass merchandisers, discount stores and more. We offer a choice of superior materials like polypropylene and polyethylene, ensuring your bags meet the highest quality and durability standards. We’re also one of the few bulk plastic shopping bag manufacturers that produce biodegradable products, a crucial concern for environmentally conscious retailers and their customers. 

    We also offer various types of plastic shopping bag styles, including high-density loop handle, T-shirt and die-cut versions. And with our array of printing options, we can create a captivating look that will attract attention and draw more customers to your store. 

    Explore the Many Benefits of Plastic Shopping Bags

    Our plastic bags can provide numerous advantages for your retail establishment:

    • Advertising: Your bags can provide ample opportunities to promote your brand and convey a message to your customer base. Think of them as a form of mobile advertising for your retail business.
    • Image-building: With our considerable in-house artwork capabilities, you can use bags to create a business image that your target market can identify with, making it more likely that they’ll come to your store.
    • Environmental: These days, many shoppers are choosing to do business with “green” companies. Using recyclable or biodegradable plastic bags tells your customers that you care about protecting and preserving the environment, giving you a competitive edge.

    Your customers will also appreciate the multifunctionality that plastic bags provide. They can use them at home for storage, to carry their lunches to work and for many other purposes.

    Buy Custom Plastic Bags Wholesale and Save

    While larger bag manufacturers allow you to buy personalized plastic bags in bulk, they have high minimum order requirements that don’t meet the needs of small and midsize businesses. Connover makes it easier by enabling you to order as few as 5,000 units. You’ll be able to manage your inventory efficiently while still experiencing the financial benefits of wholesale buying.

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    Connover Packaging is ready to help with your business’s wholesale plastic bag needs. Give us a call at 1.800.770.4906 to discuss your project today. You can also request a free quote by filling out and sending in our convenient contact form.

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