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We design, manufacture, and distribute a wide array of Tamper-Evident Cash Deposit, Evidence, Casino, and other bags for financial institutions, retailers, churches, restaurants, law enforcement, payroll firms and more.  

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    Reusable Retail Bags

    Reusable Bags

    Whether you’re a small startup business or a large retail store, reusable bags are among the most popular packaging choices for transporting products. Reusable bags come in all shapes and sizes, from bulk grocery bags to bags with handles to totes with high-end graphics. With more than 30 years of supplying bags to businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada, Connover Packaging is here to help you find the perfect bag solution for your company.

    Wholesale Reusable Bags

    Connover Packaging sources a wide range of reusable euro tote and paper bags. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly paper bags or glossy plastic bags with handles, we have the perfect reusable solution for your needs. Our streamlined manufacturing process allows you to buy the products that fit your business at the best wholesale prices.

    Some of the advantages of buying more durable, reusable bags are:

    • Lower overall costs: Because reusable bulk bags hold more items, you won’t need as many.
    • More efficient: Reusable bags are designed with versatility in mind, allowing more things to fit inside.
    • Higher quality: As they’re more puncture- and tear-resistant than most bags, reusable bags have a longer life span.

    Reusable Bulk Grocery Bags

    Connover Packaging can source custom kraft paper bags that are ideal for retail and grocery stores. If you prefer a reliable alternative to plastic, our paper bags might be the right product for you. Our selection of reusable grocery bags includes a wide variety of sizes and styles.

    Here are some of the benefits of ordering our kraft paper bags:

    • Environmentally friendly: Kraft paper bags are fully biodegradable and decompose quickly.
    • Customized printing and design: Our capabilities allow for multicolor printing on a variety of products.
    • Wholesale buying options: Our minimum order requirements and in-stock options will help you control your cash flow.

    Reusable Shopping Bags

    Euro tote shopping bags are a popular choice for retailers looking for a reusable option. Euro totes offer the perfect combination of style and durability that suits the needs of outdoor markets, craft stores, boutiques, bookstores and other retail establishments that prefer a sturdy bag with a flair for style. Our reusable bags are manufactured from heavyweight plastic or paper materials with the proper strength to transport bulkier items.

    For added support, Connover offers corrugated inserts to provide extra strength in the bottom of our bags. We can also attach many different styles of handles to make transporting your goods even more convenient. Several additional advantages of coming to us for reusable shopping bags include:

    • Customized printing in up to six colors.
    • In-house artwork and graphic design.
    • Low-quantity order minimums.

    Trust Connover Packaging as Your Reusable Bag Supplier

    To discover how reusable bags can add value to your business, contact Connover Packaging today. Our experienced customer service team is here to help you through every phase of the ordering process.

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