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We design, manufacture, and distribute a wide array of Tamper-Evident Cash Deposit, Evidence, Casino, and other bags for financial institutions, retailers, churches, restaurants, law enforcement, payroll firms and more.  

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    CSI Evidence Bags

    Preserving and transporting evidence in crime scene investigations are important. That’s why we take care of every factor when it comes to designing crime scene evidence bags for law enforcement agencies, forensic experts, and CSI professionals. We take pride in the fact that our quality bags help preserve the evidence making a huge difference in your case. Whether you are looking for a small size or a big one, we have everything in our range of CSI bags.

    Ensuring Uncompromising Protection and Efficient Evidence Handling

    Our CSI bags are constructed using the highest quality materials, ensuring maximum protection for all types of evidence. From delicate samples to bulky items, our bags will safeguard evidence from contamination, tampering, and external elements.

    Each CSI bag comes with a tamper-evident seal, providing a clear indication of any unauthorized access or tampering. Our CSI bags are designed for seamless and efficient use during evidence collection and transportation. The secure closure ensures quick and hassle-free sealing, saving valuable time in the field.

    Connover Packaging has earned a reputation for delivering top-of-the-line packaging solutions to professionals across law enforcement and forensic industries. Our crime scene bags are relied upon by experts who demand nothing but the best.

    Explore Our CSI Bag Range

    Small CSI Bags:

    Perfect for preserving casings, trace evidence, or samples collected at the crime scene.

    Medium CSI Bags:

    Versatile bags for securely storing clothing, documents, electronics, and other intermediate-sized evidence items.

    Large CSI Bags:

    Designed to accommodate larger or bulkier evidence, such as weapons, tools, or fabrics.

    Meeting Your All CSI Evidence Bags Needs. Place Your Order Now!

    Start enhancing the integrity and efficiency of your investigations today. Place an order for our top-quality CSI bags and experience the difference that superior packaging can make in your cases. If you have any inquiries or need assistance, our dedicated customer support team is available to help.

    Choose Connover Packaging for unparalleled quality, trusted performance, and unmatched customer satisfaction. Elevate your crime scene investigations with our state-of-the-art CSI bags. Order now!

    More Than 30 Years of Police Evidence Bag Experience and Expertise

    Since 1990, Connover Packaging/SECUR-PAK has been working in conjunction with major law enforcement agencies to create custom secure crime scene and prisoner processing products. Besides our superior customization capabilities, we offer the flexibility to order in smaller bulk quantities than those available from many of our larger, less nimble competitors. We can generate custom orders in amounts as low as 5,000 bags. You’ll also get on-time deliveries, excellent customer service and customer support every step of the way.

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    Browse our inventory of tamper-proof evidence bags and packaging solutions online today. To get a custom quote or discuss your project requirements with the Connover Packaging team, give us a call at 1.800.770.4906. You can also fill out and submit our contact form for a quick response.

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