Poly Mailers

Poly Mailing Bags

Poly mailers, also known as bubble mailers or mailer bags, are becoming an increasingly popular packaging solution for e-commerce and many other industries.

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These thin, lightweight plastic bags feature a uniquely designed self-sealing fold-over lip, eliminating the need for tape and other adhesives. They’re also surprisingly sturdy and durable.

Poly mailers come in an assortment of sizes and styles to meet a wide range of shipping applications. You can also affix a shipping label directly onto the bag, ensuring a fast, convenient mailing process.

Connover Packaging: Your Headquarters for Custom Poly Mailers

Connover Packaging is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of security bags for various industries, such as e-commerce, financial, restaurant/food service, retail and law enforcement. We focus on creating custom products that meet each customer’s unique specifications. For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada develop and implement secure retail packaging solutions for carrying, mailing and transporting an assortment of valuable goods and merchandise.

Shipping Bag Features Overview

Connover’s specialty security bags and mailing envelopes are developed to provide the same unique security features for specific industry usages while maintaining the high quality of our security packaging.

Available in clear and opaque films, offering excellent printability, superior strength, and proven water resistance. The strength-to-weight ratios permit use of lighter-weight film, saving on postage costs when mailing items. We offer both permanent or seal/reseal closures with a wide choice of sizes.

Customization Options to Satisfy Your Customers

Connover recognizes the importance of keeping products intact when mailing them from one destination to the next. That’s why we offer custom features to ensure that items reach their destination with clear chain of custody and in their intended condition.

Custom Connover mailing bags are available in sizes:

Postal package parcel sent from China with Customs declaration. Opened envelope from a shipment from China.

  • 3″ x 3″ for small packages
  • Up to 30″ x 48″ for large packages
  • Stock sizes available in various sizes. Inquire based on your needs

What Are the Benefits of Using Custom Aesthetic Poly Mailers?

Packaging products as never been simpler. These high-quality mailer bags offer numerous advantages over boxes and other packaging materials when shipping popular e-commerce items like apparel, books, and health and beauty products. The advantages of our e-commerce packaging includes:

  • Lower cost: It’s significantly cheaper to ship with poly mailers than corrugated boxes due to their lighter weight and smaller size. If you operate an e-commerce business and mail items frequently, you can experience substantial long-term savings when using these shipping bags.
  • Reduced storage requirements: If you’re working with limited warehouse space, you’ll appreciate the poly mailer’s smaller size. You can keep more packaging materials on hand and you won’t need to reorder them as frequently. 
  • Increased security for your customers: Some of these shipping bags can fit neatly inside a standard-size mailbox. Your customers won’t have to worry about “porch pirates” stealing their delivery if it arrives when they’re not at home. 

Our Options for Custom Made Shipping Bags

Besides offering our mailer bags in multiple sizes, we can help you create a packaging design concept that enables you to convey a specific marketing or branding message. If you prefer custom aesthetic poly mailers with a logo, our in-house design team can expertly reproduce your current logo or work with you to develop something new and exciting. 

We can also generate custom images or incorporate your company’s slogan or tagline into the packaging. And with a choice of up to six custom colors, your bag will also meet your aesthetic requirements.

We also recognize that many e-commerce businesses are smaller operations that don’t need to purchase mailer bags in mass quantities. With our flexible ordering policy, you can buy as few as 5,000 units — much less than the minimum requirements of 50,000 to 200,000 products that many of our larger competitors demand. 

Contact Us for More Information About Custom Poly Mailers

Connover Packaging will help you make shipping products much more efficient. To learn more about our shipping bags, contact us today. To discuss your project with a knowledgeable Connover representative, give us a call at 1.800.770.4906. You can also fill out and submit our custom quote form.

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