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We design, manufacture, and distribute a wide array of Tamper-Evident Cash Deposit, Evidence, Casino, and other bags for financial institutions, retailers, churches, restaurants, law enforcement, payroll firms and more.  

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    Industries We Serve

    For over 30 years, Connover Packaging has provided customers in the US and Canada with unparalleled personalized service and high-quality tamper-evident polyethylene bags. Across a number of industries, our poly bags offer the quality, security, and efficiency that will help your organization thrive.

    Hospitals & Pharmacy

    When dealing with the medication, products, and personal items belonging to patients, both hospitals and pharmacies need to go to great lengths to ensure that items are handled with the utmost care. Connover's SECUR-PAK customizable bags offer the durability, security and legal compliance necessary to help your organization run smoothly.

    Franchise & Retail

    Franchises and retail spaces need secure, reliable storage solutions to handle the large volumes of cash that are generated day in and day out. Our SECUR-PAK secure bags help keep cash safe, and accounted for, available in a number of sizes for customized use. Our secure bags feature key pieces of information that ensure proper chain-of-custody, keeping businesses thriving and customers satisfied.

    Banks & Armored Car

    Banks have a great responsibility when it comes to keeping the money of their customers secure - both within the bank and during the transportation process. Using reliable, easily trackable secure deposit and bank bags are one of the best ways for banks to ensure that large sums of money are landing in the right hands without confusion or error.

    Shipping, Mailers & Postal

    Industries that ship items to customers as part of their livelihood need to make sure that items reach their destination intact and are handled properly. At Connover, our mailing bags and currency shipping bags are durable, lightweight, and able to be customized to meet the specific needs of your customers. Our SECUR-PAK waterproof, tamper-evident bags include features that allow for easy tracking.

    Law Enforcement

    Crime scene evidence needs to be stored, labeled and transported properly in order to ensure that its integrity remains intact. This is not only crucial for smooth criminal proceedings, but mishandled evidence can impede investigation processes and violate the law. Our SECUR-PAK law enforcement evidence bags are built with the idiosyncrasies of the industry in mind. Tamperproof, durable, complete with full writable documentation areas, our law enforcement bags establish a chain of custody and minimize risk of evidence tampering.


    Day in and day out, casinos are responsible for handling extremely large amounts of cash from winning pay-outs and gambling expenditures. Throughout this handling process, this money exchanges hands multiple times, requiring a serious need for clear chain of custody and security when doing so. Our tamper-evident money bags are equipped with lines for documentation that allow cash to be properly stored, labeled, and kept intact.

    Duty Free

    Our tamper-evident duty-free bags are compliant with ICAO aviation security standards for secure tamper evident bags. These are ideal for passenger screening, making for easy airport security inspection.


    Connover's church cash deposit bags are specifically designed for durability, easily established chain of custody and security. The work churches do is important and with every donation dollar counting, our bags make the process of collecting and transporting cash donations simple and efficient.

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