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We design, manufacture, and distribute a wide array of Tamper-Evident Cash Deposit, Evidence, Casino, and other bags for financial institutions, retailers, churches, restaurants, law enforcement, payroll firms and more.  

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    Pharmacy / Hospital

    Hospital & Pharmacy Tamper Evident Bags

    When it comes to healthcare packaging for medical facilities, safety is always a top priority. Patients also have concerns about the security of their valuables during a hospital stay. Connover Packaging offers an assortment of reliable solutions for both of these situations. Connover has been a trusted designer, manufacturer and distributor of packaging products for industries ranging from healthcare/pharmaceutical to retail food service, law enforcement and many others for more than 30 years. We serve companies and organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

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    Patients trust in the care that hospitals provide. Our SECUR-PAK Hospital and Pharmacy bags are trusted to store and transport patient valuables and medical prescriptions allowing for peace of mind. When the focus is on the patient, let Connover protect the rest with durability, security, and legal compliance.

    Patient Valuable Bags

    Our SECUR-PAK tamper-evident seals keep patient’s valuable items safe during their hospital stay. Our adhesive closure bags range in sizes ensuring the safety of jewelry, wallets, I.D., money, etc. With features such as a tear-off receipt, sequential numbering, and writable space, our bags are designed to make the storage and return of patient valuables easier and clearer.

    Medical Prescription Bags

    Our SECUR-PAK tamper-resistant pharmaceutical transport bags are customizable, come in sizes ranging from small to large, and are available in white or clear.

    Our labels easily display chain-of-custody, medication information, dosage, dates of shipment, and receipt.

    We offer customizable bags for pharmaceutical storage and shipping such as:

    • Clear prescription issue bags to ensure medication reaches the patient without tampering
    • Drug postal return bags to keep our water systems safe

    We Offer Custom Health Packaging Solutions

    Connover Packaging will work with you to design and implement custom medical-grade plastic bags providing features that meet your facility’s unique requirements. We recognize that these bags provide additional marketing opportunities for your healthcare organization. We can create products that include your logo, slogan or tagline to promote your brand and build trust within the community you serve.

    We can also ensure your plastic medical bags have maximum aesthetic appeal. We can use a combination of colors to create an attractive product that makes your message stand out. You can even send your existing art files to our in-house team, who will integrate them into your bag’s design.

    If you have specific functional requirements, we can help. We can customize the bag’s lip, tape and seal and implement individualized bar codes or serial control numbers. 

    Buy in Bulk and Save!

    Connover can make purchasing plastic medical bags as cost-effective as possible. You can buy in wholesale quantities that reduce your unit cost and produce significant savings. While other healthcare packaging companies may require you to order as many as 200,000 bags, we’ve tailored our production capabilities to appeal to smaller organizations. Our minimum requirement is only 5,000, which helps you manage your inventory more efficiently. 

    If you prefer to make a large blanket order to lower your unit costs, we can manufacture your bags in advance and store them at our facility. We can then ship them to you on an as-needed basis. This process eliminates storage space concerns and enhances your stock management capabilities. 

    We also offer free samples, enabling you to ensure your bags meet your needs and specifications before you commit to a bulk order. We’ll create a custom prototype based on the parameters you provide us.

    Why Choose Connover Packaging?

    Besides offering high-quality custom packaging products at competitive prices, we provide a level of customer service that those larger healthcare packaging companies can’t deliver. We work hard to establish long-term partnerships with every customer, making us more responsive to your needs. And with our fast turnaround on every project and assurance of on-time deliveries, you can expect to receive your bags when you need them the most. 

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    Discover how our healthcare packaging solutions can add security to your day-to-day operations and give your patients more peace of mind. Contact us to discuss your project and get a fast, free quote today. Give us a call at 1.800.770.4906 or fill out and send in our convenient contact form.

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