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Tamper Resistant Cash Bags

Whether it’s cash, non-negotiables, checks, or currency, durable and secure packaging is vital to the handling, delivery, and all other facets of your business process. SECUR-PAK’s line of tamper resistant bags allows you to manage your cash and valuables at a reasonable cost and the utmost confidence. These bags feature self-sealing convenience with write-on blocks for easy identification.

Designed primarily for use in secure or internal applications, SECUR-PAK's line of tamper resistant products are cost-effective ways to manage and organize currency or non-negotiable items. Sequential numbering, alphanumeric bar coding and reclosable adhesive are also available to ensure a clear audit-tracking process, eliminating any risk of tampering, switched bags or mishandling.


Our Drop Safe and Check Bags offer a tamper resistant closure, clear poly printed with write-on white ink on format listing all currency denominations plus spaces for checks and coin.

There is a unique sequential number on the body of the bag as well as on a removable receipt. These bags are primarily used for removing and storing currency from cash registers when it reaches a specific amount, by preset time or at the end of a work shift.

Item Number Bag Size Bill Capacity
 SCK-1R (Checks) 9" x 12" 1000
 SDS-4R (Drop Safe) 4.5" x 9" 300
 SCL-.7R (Night Drop) 7" x 10" 750
 SCL-1R (Night Drop) 9" x 12" 1000
 SCL-2R (Night Drop) 12" x 16" 2000



Item Number Bag Size Bill Capacity
 HCBCL-1419R 12" x 19" 50 lbs (coin)



Our Strap Bags are used to pre-package strapped bills by denomination, typically in units of 100 bills and bound by a paper band (strap). This package is commonly referred to as a “one strap.” 10 straps (1000 bills using ten-strap bags) are bundled for easy transport of larger amounts of currency. Their main use is to store currency and for transfer of cash from retail stores to banks, banks to money center and/or banks to the Federal Reserve.

Item Number Bag Size Bill Capacity
 SK1STP-BR  4" x 9" 100
 SK10STP-BR 9" x 10" 1000


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