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Poly Mailers: Big Advantages, Little Cost

Poly Mailers have become a very popular choice among manufacturers, distributors and eCommerce.  There are a wide number of reasons why poly mailers make an excellent choice for packaging, whether your business is big or small.  Poly Mailers are an affordable, versatile, and secure way to ship products.  Below are some of the top reasons why poly mailers have taken over the packaging market by storm.

Affordability: Poly mailers are extremely affordable regardless of the size of your business.  You can purchase a good quality poly mailer, that will protect your merchandise for next to nothing.  Also, if you buy in bulk it will save you on cost and shipping.

Ease of Use: Poly Mailers are simple to use.  Placing your product and sealing the poly mailer can be done with great ease and speed.  This means more products out the door in less time, while spending less money on fulfillment.

Water Resistant: Poly mailers are water resistant to protect your merchandise inside when exposed to the elements.

Durability: Poly mailers are made of tear resistant material.  If using the proper size mailer, packaging your item carefully and using filler when necessary, your mailer and its contents should make it through the USPS in great condition when arriving at its final destination.

Flexibility: Poly mailers are flexible and can easily fit many different types and shapes of items. They can also bend and flex to be able to fit in smaller spaces like mailboxes.  Try to get a cardboard box to fit in an apartment mailbox…we dare you!

Tamper Evident: The adhesive seal on a poly mailer will quickly and clearly show if the contents inside the mailer have been tampered with.

Lightweight: Poly mailers are extremely lightweight, which in turn keeps shipping costs down.

Reusable: Poly mailers can be made to have a second strip of adhesive tape with a removable liner, which can allow the package to resealed after it has been opened the first time.  This is a fantastic way to get the most out of the bags if you wanted to be able to utilize them for returns.

Customizable: Poly mailers can either be generic, or fully customizable with virtually any design or graphic your business has in mind.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small Mom and Pop startup business, poly mailers provide big advantages with little investment.

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