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Our customizable SECUR-PAK secure bags are reliable solutions for storing and transporting currency. With a properly completed label, our bags establish a secure chain of custody for cash, ensuring security your company.

Made with Your Retail & Franchise Needs in Mind

Retail and Franchise businesses, whether a department store, supermarket, warehouse retailer, specialty retailer, and others, all need a secure way to collect and transport money. Our SECUR-PAK deposit bags can help provide peace of mind meeting Federal Reserve requirements.

Our bags include all the necessary information you need: cash amount, check amount, total deposit, date, and authorized signature.

Connover's Retail SECUR-PAK products:

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Are You a Multi-unit Retail and/or Restaurant Franchisee?

Many national franchisees around the country agree that Connover Packaging helps them stay on top of their deposit supplies, manage costs, and ensure continuity of supply. Learn more about the advantages of the Connover Complete Package for Multi-unit Retail and Restaurant Franchisees.

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