Do you ship products to customers? If so, you know how important it is to make sure your products arrive safely and securely.

Shipping bags or custom poly mailers are a great way to keep your items safe, but knowing how to use them correctly can be challenging.

Apart from delivering your items in perfect condition to the customers, you need to make sure they represent your brand efficiently.

Tips for Using Custom Shipping Bags for Your Business:

Read on to learn more about how to make shipping easy with shipping bags.

Choose the Right Size and Shape

First thing first, choose the right size and shape of custom shipping bags to be used for your business. It can make all the difference when it comes to packaging your product for shipping.

If you are shipping relatively small items, then you may want to choose a slim, narrow bag.

However, if you are shipping bigger items, such as clothing or electronics, you may need a bigger bag.

Look at the measurements of the product you are shipping and find a bag that fits.

For example, the standard size for poly mailers is generally 10″ x 13″. You can also choose other sizes such as 6″ x 12″ and 14.5″ x 19″ for smaller and bigger products.

Also, make sure the bag is thick enough to ensure maximum protection for your product. Additionally, decide if you want to use a pre-made bag with handles or order a bag with a custom shape.

(Note: Keep in mind that an oversized mailer can increase your shipping cost.)

Select a Material

Depending on what type of product you’re shipping, the material needs to be durable, lightweight, and waterproof.

Popular materials include polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, and canvas. Be sure to research which material will best suit your needs, as different products require different materials.

Consider the weight of the items you’re shipping and the environment in which you’ll be using your bag. For example, if you’re shipping something heavy and need extra strength, polypropylene is a great option.

Nylon or canvas may also be an option for heavier items, but keep in mind they are not waterproof.

You can also consult with your packaging provider to choose the right shipping bags for your business.

Cushion and Seal Your Bag

When you are packing your shipping bag, cushion the item inside with foam or bubble wrap. This will ensure that it doesn’t get damaged during transit.

Once you have packed your bag securely, seal it with tape or with a heat sealer. Make sure the seal is tight so that it cannot be tampered with and the contents are secure.

You may also want to use reinforced packaging for heavier items to ensure the safety of your product. For added security, you can even add a security seal to your package.

Label Your Bag

Make sure to include all necessary information while labeling your bag.

This includes the recipient’s name, address, and contact information. In addition, you will need to label the package with its contents, weight, and return address.

You can also use barcodes, QR codes, and RFID tags for extra security. Furthermore, if you are using a courier service such as UPS or FedEx, you should have a tracking number provided to you so you can track your package every step of the way. Labeling your bag correctly ensures that it gets to its destination safely and on time.

Make Them Personalized:

To make personalized shipping bags, you can work with a supplier such as Connover Packaging which specializes in custom packaging.

The first step is to get a quote for your order. This will typically involve providing details about the type and quantity of bags you need, as well as any special printing requirements.

Once you have received a quote and are ready to proceed, you can place your order with the supplier. Depending on the supplier and the complexity of your order, it may take several weeks to receive your bags, so it’s important to plan and order in advance.

With your personalized shipping bags in hand, you’ll be able to ship your products with confidence, knowing that you have a professional and effective way to represent your brand during the shipping process.

Wrapping Up….

Using shipping bags for your business is a great way to ensure that your products arrive safely and on time.

By choosing the right size, packing and sealing your bag properly, and labeling it accurately, you can ensure that your shipment will make it to its destination quickly and easily. With the right preparation, shipping bags can help make your business operations run smoother.

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