​These days, consumers are becoming much more aware of their shopping habits and how they impact the environment. That’s why reusable shopping bags have become such a popular item. These bags are durable, stylish and eco-friendly. However, not all reusable shopping bags are created equally, so you should do a bit of research before choosing bags for your company.

Discover the different kinds of reusable shopping bags, the benefits they provide and how to choose the right ones for your business and customers.

What to Know About Reusable Shopping Bags

In a society where many people are trying to reduce the amount of waste they contribute to the environment, reusable shopping bags are an effective sustainable tool. Unlike single-use plastic and paper bags, reusable bags are designed to be used for years. Thanks to their durability, reusable bags offer a wide range of uses, from carrying groceries into the house to using them as travel bags. These bags can also be incredibly affordable, allowing businesses to provide eco-friendly alternatives at low costs for their customers.

When it comes to advertising, reusable shopping bags provide an added bonus. These shopping bags provide excellent marketing opportunities, as you can place your brand name or logo on them. This way, as shoppers carry them around when they’re running errands or hitting the beach, other people can take note of your company.

Furthermore, reusable shopping bags provide an opportunity for you to highlight your sustainable mission, which is wonderful for marketing. If your business is switching to reusable shopping bags, let the world know about the changes through social media posts and promotional messages. Those who hold businesses in high regard for doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint will likely be excited about the change and may even shop at your business when they didn’t before.

What Are The Types of Reusable Shopping Bags? 

There are several types of reusable retail bags, all offering their own pros and cons. It’s possible to find reusable bags made of canvas, recycled plastic and even hemp. The key to selecting bags for your business is to understand how each material works.

What are reusable shopping bags made of? Learn more about the types of reusable shopping bags to find the right one for your business needs.

1. Nonwoven ​

 These bags are created with chemical and heat processes instead of weaving or knitting. This means they’re an extremely affordable option, especially when your business wishes to give them out as part of a promotion. A nonwoven bag is convenient for the consumer, as it can easily fold into smaller sizes for easy carrying and storage.

2. Jute ​ 

These bags are made out of the natural fibers of jute plants, resembling the natural look of paper bags. If you want to keep things simple, jute is a great way to subtly switch out real paper bags in your stores. Many customers love their familiar, straightforward appearance.

3. Polyester ​ 

These reusable bags are among the most reliable. A polyester bag doesn’t absorb moisture, which means it’s resistant to any kind of water damage. Both durable and easy to keep clean, and more cost-efficient than other reusable bag types, polyester is an excellent choice for your reusable bags.

4. Hemp ​ 

This material is an excellent resource for reusable bags because it can grow in poor soil conditions, needs little water and requires no fertilizer. With a natural fiber that serves as a suitable alternative to cotton, hemp bags are sturdy enough that you can carry groceries in them. Plus, you can wash hemp bags, so they’re easy to clean and maintain for years to come.

5. Canvas and Cotton ​ 

These are some of the most common materials for reusable shopping bags. These bags are made with natural fibers from either traditional cotton, organic cotton or recycled cotton. The latter two options are more eco-friendly, as they don’t require chemicals or other pesticides, which helps reduce negative environmental impacts. If you want to use cotton bags for their many benefits, opt for organic or recycled options to ensure they’re more sustainable.

6. Recycled PET ​ 

A reusable retail bag made out of recycled PET looks as though it’s made from fabric but is actually made of plastic. PET is a recycled form of plastic derived from post-consumer use. It’s created from recycled plastic bottles, containers and other plastic items. Turning PET into reusable shopping bags provides the opportunity for plastics to be recycled and reused in ways that will continuously help the environment.

Reusable Shopping Bag Requirements ​ 

Not all reusable shopping bags are made the same, but they must meet certain criteria to be deemed reusable. There are reusable bag standards defined by states that have adopted plastic bag bans, such as California. These laws are implemented as a guideline for how much reusable plastic that bags should be made of, how many parts per million of lead is allowed in packaging and other important factors that make reusable bags safe for consumers and the environment.

Be sure to look into your state’s guidelines to see whether your bags need to meet legal criteria. This way, you can ensure you choose the best bags while meeting legal recommendations.

Environmental Benefits of Reusable Shopping Bags 

When it comes to the environment, reusable shopping bags provide numerous benefits. Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans, creating massive concentrations of plastic under the sea. As a result, various types of marine life become exposed to hazards in their natural habitats. From ingesting bits of plastic to becoming trapped inside of floating bags, birds, fish and other animals have to face numerous issues thanks to plastic pollution.

But it’s not only wildlife that suffers from plastic waste. When plastic ends up in waterways, parks and other public spaces, it impacts human health, coastal tourism and more. By reducing how much plastic we use in our daily lives, we can work toward creating a cleaner, safer environment, directly impacting humans and animals worldwide.

Supplying reusable bags in place of plastic ones is one of the best ways to start.

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