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iStock-1290528091.jpgIn a time when more people are receiving prescription drugs at their homes via their pharmacy's delivery service, security is more important than ever. Connover Packaging offers high-quality pharmacy prescription bags that give pharmacies and their patients extra peace of mind. We also provide bags for storing patients' valuables during hospital stays. 

Tamper-Resistant Medical Prescription Bags

We feature custom Rx bags consisting of high-quality plastic materials that safeguard the contents against tampering and contamination during transit. Their use also helps to ensure regulatory and legal compliance. These transport bags come in an assortment of sizes ranging from small to large, ensuring the proper fit for every pharmaceutical package. 

Choose from the following pharmacy bag types:

  • Clear prescription bags: Use these tamper-evident bags to reassure customers that their prescriptions are arriving intact and the contents are safe to use. Their see-through design makes it easy to detect signs of a breached seal or other irregularities. 
  • Drug postal return bags: These bags facilitate the safe return of drugs, helping to protect our water systems.

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Patient Valuable Bags

People who enter a hospital or healthcare facility for testing or an overnight stay sometimes have concerns about the safety and security of their valuable items (money, watches, credit cards, etc.) while not in their possession. Our bags for storing personal items feature tamper-evident adhesive closures that indicate clearly if the seal has been broken. Patients can focus their full attention on their treatment and recovery instead of worrying about their personal articles. 

Pharmacy Bags With Clear, Secure Labeling

Labeling is a crucial element when ensuring the security of a pharmacy bag's contents. Our products come with labels that facilitate the clear identification of the chain of custody, dates of shipment and receipt, dosage guidelines and other essential information. They provide an extra level of safety for medical facilities and patients while helping prevent misidentification and other potentially critical errors. 

iStock-1154873136.jpgCustom Pharmacy Bags That Meet Your Specifications

At Connover Packaging, we'll work closely with you to develop custom pharmacy bags that provide a secure, cost-effective solution for your facility. Besides offering an assortment of sizes, we can produce prescription bags with a logo that helps to promote your brand and image. We can also apply a tagline or slogan that enables you to broadcast your marketing message. 

Purchase Custom Prescription Bags in Bulk and Save

As a smaller pharmacy bag provider, Connover is more adaptive to the needs of similar-sized businesses than our larger, less agile competitors. Besides our range of customization capabilities, we offer maximum shipping flexibility. Instead of having to order 50,000 to 200,000 bags, you can purchase as few as 5,000 units from us. We can help you free up valuable storage space in your facility and manage your inventory more efficiently. 

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If you'd like more information about our prescription and patient valuable bags or want to discuss your customization requirements, give Connover Packaging a call at 1.800.770.4906 today. To request an online quote, fill out and submit our contact form.

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