Evidence Bags

evidence bagsSince 1990, SECUR-PAK has been working in conjunction with major law enforcement agencies to create products for secure crime scenes and prisoner processing.

SECUR-PAK Evidence and Security handling system offers both durability and security features that eliminate the risk of tampering and help to establish the necessary chain of custody during the evidence collection process. SECUR-PAK Evidence and Security handling system is comprised of either clear or opaque polyethylene films that endure the spectrum of evidence handling. The system’s unique sequential numbering located on the bag’s body and adhesive liner help prevent “bag switching,” effectively establishing an audit trail. To aid the documentation process, our evidence and property bags also include writable areas that allow for identification and reference.

Our bags are specifically designed to prevent and identify any and all instances of tampering. SECUR-PAK utilizes patented, pre-mounted, self-sealing, SECUR-TAPE which uses our unique, breakaway serrated edge. Even under externally-applied heat or cold, SECUR-TAPE technology is tamper-evident; any attempts to compromise the bag using these methods will be visible upon examination.

Need to ensure the highest level of security? SECUR-PAK tamper evident bags are the solution!

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