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We design, manufacture, and distribute a wide array of Tamper-Evident Cash Deposit, Evidence, Casino, and other bags for financial institutions, retailers, churches, restaurants, law enforcement, payroll firms and more.

Lab Specimen Transport Bags

Lab specimen transport bags, also known as biohazard specimen transport bags, have become popular products in the medical, science and healthcare communities. These large specimen bags hold and secure sensitive materials, such as biological samples and hazardous waste products. Specimen transport bags are designed to prevent tampering, leakage, contamination or damage to the enclosed items, making them valuable resources within any hospital or laboratory.

At Connover Packaging, we design, manufacture and distribute state-of-the-art blood sample collection bags developed with robustness and reliability in mind. We specialize in tamper-evident packaging and custom bags developed for use across many major industries. 

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Biohazard Specimen Transport Bags

With custom specimen bags from Connover Packaging, you can optimize your lab specimen collection and transportation capabilities to maximize safety and efficiency.

When we produce our lab specimen transport bags for securing biohazard materials and other biological specimens, we only use the most durable, high-quality materials. All of our tamper-evident bags comprise 100% recyclable polyethylene plastic solutions to deliver optimal strength and dependability. They also include self-sealing closure capabilities to ensure quick sealing and continuous protection without using ties or applying heat. 

Our biohazard specimen transport bags are available in both clear and opaque films. They also feature a large orange biohazard symbol on the front to caution passersby with clear and immediate identification that complies with federal regulations and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. 

Applications of Lab Specimen Transport Bags

Blood sample collection bags are for more than just storing blood. Due to their durable, anti-tamper packaging, these large specimen bags are used to hold and transport all of the following specimen types:

  • Blood samples
  • Biohazard materials
  • Culture samples
  • Bodily fluids
  • Microbiological waste
  • Pathological waste
  • Used needles
  • Used vials
  • Contaminated personal protective equipment (PPE)

Due to their application versatility and multifunctional use, lab specimen transport bags are used across several industries. Some of the primary fields that use biohazard specimen bags include:

  • Hospitals.
  • Medical offices.
  • Healthcare facilities.
  • Laboratories.
  • Research facilities.
  • Clinics.

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Why Choose Connover Packaging for Custom Specimen Bags?

Connover Packaging has been serving customers across the U.S. and Canada for over 30 years. As industry leaders in tamper-evident polyethylene bag manufacturing, we're your one-stop shop for all of your commercial and industrial specimen bag needs. Our mission is to set customers up with the highest quality products paired with superior service. 

Our custom manufacturing capabilities enable us to accept orders of all sizes and complexities while implementing personalized features like serialized barcoding, resealable closures and multi-pouch configurations. When you choose Connover Packaging, you'll enjoy all the benefits of economical pricing, low minimums and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Protect Your Lab Specimens With Blood Sample Collection Bags at Connover Packaging Today

You can secure your laboratory samples with top-of-the-line biohazard specimen bags from Connover Packaging. We're proud to provide customers across all industries with superior-quality products at the most competitive costs. Whether you're looking to obtain high-performing bags for retail, cash deposit, law enforcement or anything in between, we have the solutions to serve you.

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Whether you're looking to buy wholesale or place a small custom order, Connover Packaging offers a full range of nonwoven tote bags sure to meet all your needs. The primary benefits of most tote bags are that they're both reusable and friendly to the environment. We have hundreds of design options, from heavier-duty totes built for larger and heavier products to more dynamic bags that neatly fold up and fit anywhere.

Nonwoven fabrics get their name from their manufacturing process. Instead of fabrics being intertwined together like their woven counterparts, nonwoven materials consist of tiny fibers that have been mechanically or thermally bonded during production.

The materials used in nonwoven totes are much more versatile than woven fabrics. They provide excellent strength, stretch, softness and cushioning properties. Other benefits of using nonwoven materials in the manufacturing process are that they are less expensive and highly stain resistant.

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Advantages of Custom Nonwoven Tote Bags

Nonwoven tote bags are ideal for various applications, including storage, shopping or simply transporting everyday items. Most nonwoven totes slide nicely over your shoulder, making it easier to haul your items while allowing your hands to stay free. Eco-friendly, multifunctional tote bags offer a great alternative to the thinner and less sustainable types of plastics. 

Connover Packaging is your headquarters for wholesale custom nonwoven tote bags. Many times, reusable bags are the perfect solution for transporting your goods. From wholesale shopping bags for a grocery store to custom printed wine bags to our many sizes of stock totes, we have the right solution for you.

Some of the features of our tote bags include:

  • Fully customizable printing
  • Superior nonwoven materials
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant surfaces
  • Glossy finishes
  • Hundreds of different designs

Laminated Polypropylene Tote Bags

Show your eco-friendly side and support for the environment with laminated polypropylene tote bags! With our comprehensive printing capabilities, it's easy to place your company message or logo anywhere on the bag for all to see. Laminated bags are also easy to wipe clean. The durability of polypropylene makes this bag a versatile choice for a wide range of items.

Besides being multifunctional containers for transporting your products, laminated totes are the perfect substrate for advertising. With many different design and print options available, these bags can increase your organization's marketability and brand exposure. Here are just a few examples:

  • Large corporations: Corporations rave about our tote bags because they're ideal for showing off at large events or trade shows.
  • Churches and schools: Laminated polypropylene bags are the perfect choice for food drives and school fundraisers.
  • Small businesses and retail stores: Whether you're a small startup or an established retail business, Connover has a custom tote bag solution for you.

Choose Connover Packaging as Your Nonwoven Tote Bag Supplier

In addition to our competitive pricing on high-volume runs, Connover Packaging has several options you can purchase in minimum quantities. Available materials include nonwoven polypropylene, recycled PET, bamboo, cotton, jute and more. Contact our team today to speak with a customer service representative who can help you choose and order the right nonwoven tote bag for your needs.

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pharmacy bagsHospital & Pharmacy Tamper Evident Bags

When it comes to healthcare packaging for medical facilities, safety is always a top priority. Patients also have concerns about the security of their valuables during a hospital stay. Connover Packaging offers an assortment of reliable solutions for both of these situations. Connover has been a trusted designer, manufacturer and distributor of packaging products for industries ranging from healthcare/pharmaceutical to retail food service, law enforcement and many others for more than 30 years. We serve companies and organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

Patients trust in the care that hospitals provide. Our SECUR-PAK Hospital and Pharmacy bags are trusted to store and transport patient valuables and medical prescriptions allowing for peace of mind. When the focus is on the patient, let Connover protect the rest with durability, security, and legal compliance.

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Patient Valuable Bags

Our SECUR-PAK tamper-evident seals keep patient's valuable items safe during their hospital stay. Our adhesive closure bags range in sizes ensuring the safety of jewelry, wallets, I.D., money, etc. With features such as a tear-off receipt, sequential numbering, and writable space, our bags are designed to make the storage and return of patient valuables easier and clearer.

Medical Prescription Bags

Our SECUR-PAK tamper-resistant pharmaceutical transport bags are customizable, come in sizes ranging from small to large, and are available in white or clear.

Our labels easily display chain-of-custody, medication information, dosage, dates of shipment, and receipt.

We offer customizable bags for pharmaceutical storage and shipping such as:

  • Clear prescription issue bags to ensure medication reaches the patient without tampering
  • Drug postal return bags to keep our water systems safePPB 1013 0x200

We Offer Custom Health Packaging Solutions

Connover Packaging will work with you to design and implement custom medical-grade plastic bags providing features that meet your facility's unique requirements. We recognize that these bags provide additional marketing opportunities for your healthcare organization. We can create products that include your logo, slogan or tagline to promote your brand and build trust within the community you serve. 

We can also ensure your plastic medical bags have maximum aesthetic appeal. We can use a combination of colors to create an attractive product that makes your message stand out. You can even send your existing art files to our in-house team, who will integrate them into your bag's design.

If you have specific functional requirements, we can help. We can customize the bag's lip, tape and seal and implement individualized bar codes or serial control numbers. 

Buy in Bulk and Save!

Connover can make purchasing plastic medical bags as cost-effective as possible. You can buy in wholesale quantities that reduce your unit cost and produce significant savings. While other healthcare packaging companies may require you to order as many as 200,000 bags, we've tailored our production capabilities to appeal to smaller organizations. Our minimum requirement is only 5,000, which helps you manage your inventory more efficiently. 

If you prefer to make a large blanket order to lower your unit costs, we can manufacture your bags in advance and store them at our facility. We can then ship them to you on an as-needed basis. This process eliminates storage space concerns and enhances your stock management capabilities. 

We also offer free samples, enabling you to ensure your bags meet your needs and specifications before you commit to a bulk order. We'll create a custom prototype based on the parameters you provide us.

Why Choose Connover Packaging?

Besides offering high-quality custom packaging products at competitive prices, we provide a level of customer service that those larger healthcare packaging companies can't deliver. We work hard to establish long-term partnerships with every customer, making us more responsive to your needs. And with our fast turnaround on every project and assurance of on-time deliveries, you can expect to receive your bags when you need them the most. 

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Discover how our healthcare packaging solutions can add security to your day-to-day operations and give your patients more peace of mind. Contact us to discuss your project and get a fast, free quote today. Give us a call at 1.800.770.4906 or fill out and send in our convenient contact form.

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When buying custom bags for your business, having your company's logo or message visible for everyone to view can make a world of difference. Your logo will often be the first thing your customer sees, giving you the chance to create a positive, long-lasting first impression. Through the use of eye-catching graphics, your customers will be more impressed and will likely reorder from you down the road.

From graphic design to the final touches of the manufacturing process, we'll manage your entire order carefully from start to finish. If you have an idea of the graphics you'd like to use, just let us know — we'll do our best to make it a reality.

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The Perks of Custom Bags With Your Logo

To make the printing process simple, we accept artwork in a variety of formats. If the graphics are not camera-ready, we'll create the art for you. For all new jobs, we furnish a digital proof for you to approve.

There are many advantages of ordering your bags printed. From attracting attention to marketability to cost savings, the benefits of printed bags far outweigh those of the plain variety. Your existing customers will also be likelier to recommend your company to other prospective clients. 

Here are several of the added benefits to ordering printed bags:

  • Potential customers will notice you: While plain bags are easy to overlook, packaging with your company message or logo will let people know where others like to shop.
  • Company branding: By creatively designing and printing your graphics, you'll make your existing and prospective clients aware of what your company is all about.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our efficient manufacturing process allows you to buy most printed bags at the price you'd pay for plain bags from another vendor.

Expand Your Branding With Custom Shopping and Retail Bags

Connover Packaging offers many varieties of shopping and retail bags printed with your logo. We offer a choice of superior materials like polypropylene and polyethylene, ensuring your bags meet the highest quality and durability standards.

Several types of shopping bags we manufacture include:

  • High-density loop handle bags: Printed loop-handle bags are popular in grocery stores and markets because they can be reused. They're also ideal for transporting oversized items.
  • T-shirt bags: One of our most popular styles, printed t-shirt bags are highly versatile, as shoppers use them for groceries, takeout and many other retail applications.
  • Specialty die-cut bags: Custom printed die-cut bags are the ideal choice for bookstores or retail stores that sell flat or smaller types of items.

We can also source customized kraft paper bags suitable for retail and grocery stores, allowing our customers to purchase a dependable paper product at a competitive price.Viewed as the primary alternative to plastic bags, shopping bags made from kraft paper are becoming increasingly popular.

Choosing Connover Packaging as Your Trusted Printed Bag Supplier

Connover Packaging accepts most kinds of custom printed bag orders, from small-lot quantities to high-volume production runs. We also offer inventory control options that feature just-in-time delivery. Our main focus is understanding the needs of our customers while providing high-quality products at economical costs. Contact us today for a quote!

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grocery shopper smiling while holding a canvas bagShopping bags aren't just for helping customers carry home the merchandise they've purchased at your store. They can also serve as a valuable marketing tool that helps to establish your business's brand and image. 

With numerous size, material and color options, Connover Packaging can provide high-quality, custom-printed shopping bags designed to your specifications. With our competitive bulk pricing, our bags can fit your business's budget. 

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Choose From Multiple Custom Shopping Bag Types

Connover Packaging features several retail bag versions we can customize for your business:

  • Plastic: We offer the largest assortment of plastic shopping bags in the industry. Available options include high-density loop handle, T-shirt and die-cut bags, and much more. We're also one of the few companies to offer biodegradable custom-printed bags, which provide a more environmentally friendly solution. 
  • Paper: Traditional paper bags give your customers a sturdy solution for transporting their purchases. They're also inexpensive and 100% recyclable. They're an excellent choice for packing cold or hot food, as they help to preserve freshness.
  • Euro tote: Euro tote shopping bags provide a stylish option for retail stores that want to project a fashionable image. They consist of heavyweight paper or plastic material and have reinforced cardboard bottoms and turn-tops for extra strength and durability. The attached loop handles make euro tote bags easy for your customers to carry. 
  • Reusable: Our custom reusable shopping bags, which can include plastic, paper and euro tote products, appeal to shoppers who are interested in conserving resources. Your customers can use them for storage, taking their lunches to work and many other purposes.

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many paper bags full of bought thingsAbout Our Custom Retail Bag Capabilities

The Connover Packaging team will work closely with you throughout the customization process to develop a product that meets your business's unique packaging requirements, makes a positive impact on your customers and helps to convey a targeted branding/marketing message. We'll also manage every aspect of your project from start to finish. 

Why Choose Us for Your Printed Shopping Bags?

Connover Packaging offers more than 100 years of combined experience and expertise in creating custom shopping bags for the retail industry. We also make service a high priority. Unlike our larger, less agile competitors, we focus on establishing lasting relationships with our customers, giving us better insight into their unique needs. 

We also recognize that smaller retail establishments don't need to purchase large quantities of custom shopping bags. While many of our competitors require orders of 50,000 to 200,000 units, you can buy as few as 5,000 bags from Connover Packaging. You won't have to tie up valuable storage space in your store's backroom or warehouse and you'll end up saving money on your packaging costs. 

Explore Your Custom Shopping Bag Options Today

Contact Connover Packaging to learn more about our printed shopping bags and tell us more about your customization needs. Give us a call at 1.800.770.4906 to speak to a representative or fill out and submit our contact form today. 

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Are You a Multi-unit Retail and/or Restaurant Franchisee?

Many national franchisees around the country agree that Connover Packaging helps them stay on top of their deposit supplies, manage costs, and ensure continuity of supply. Learn more about the advantages of the Connover Complete Package for Multi-unit Retail and Restaurant Franchisees. 

Here are some of the main features of the Complete Package program:

  • One dedicated account manager: You'll be assigned one dedicated account manager to handle all your needs. 
  • No minimum quantities: We have no minimum order requirements, letting you buy packaging as needed.
  • Fast, easy ordering: Use one of several buying options to place your order quickly.
  • Flexible distribution: Our stock and hold programs allow you to tailor your order and receive better price breaks. 
  • Choice of shipping options: We'll ship in pallets, send boxes or even deliver directly to your customers.
  • One monthly invoice: A single monthly invoice reduces paperwork.



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Connover Packaging & SECUR-PAK

Connover Packaging has been serving customers in the US and Canada for over 30 years, offering a combination of personalized service and global capabilities. As a leading manufacturer of tamper evident polyethylene bags, Connover Packaging is the source for ALL of your poly bag requirements.

Connover Packaging is the dependable supplier to many industries, including –

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Choose Connover Packaging as Your Trusted Bag Manufacturer

Connover's primary focus is on exceeding the needs of our customers while delivering superior-quality products at a competitive cost. Whether you'd like to discuss a new bag design or want to request a sample before placing an order, please reach out to us today!